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Nylon Coated Self Locking Screw

Nylon coated self-locking screws undergo a surface treatment that gives them a loosening prevention treatment at both 360°/180 °. Nylon coated self-locking screws are widely used in devices that can vibrate or move such as car parts, laptops, mobile phones, and more.

Loosening Prevention materials
Geomet, Magni, Delta-MKS, DACROMET

1. Certification: GB, ISO, DIN, ANSA, BS, JIS
2. Materials: Copper, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel,
3. Head: wafer head, pan head, cheese head, flat head, button head, hex head
4. Recess type: cross recess, slot recess, Phillips slotted combination recess, 6 lobe recess, slotted 6 lobe recess, tamperproof 6 lobe recess, pozi recess, hex recess, torx recess
5. Diameter: M1.0-M8
6. Surface treatment: Zinc-plated, Nickel-plated.
7. Anti-loose materials: Geomet, Magni, Delta-MKS, DACROMET

We also provide custom self-locking screws to meet your requirements for size, head, outlook, hardness, material and more.

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