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Electric Precision Micro Screw

Electric precision micro screws are known for their small size and diameter ranging from M1.2 to M3, which is why they are often used in precision applications in computers, electronics, cell phones, digital cameras, eyeglasses, and more.

1. Certification: GB, ISO, DIN, ANSA, BS, JIS
2. Materials: Copper, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel
3. Head: wafer head, pan head, cheese head, flat head, button head, hex head
4. Recess type: cross recess, slot recess, Phillips slotted combination recess, 6 lobe recess, slotted 6 lobe recess, tamperproof 6 lobe recess, pozi recess, hex recess, torx recess
5. Diameter: M1.2-M3

Our company is equipped with Taiwanese imported high precision production equipment and a dial sorting machine for a full dimensional inspection to guarantee product quality. We also offer customized options to meet all client requirements for size, head, outlook, hardness, material and more.

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