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Such as precision fasterners design, mass manufacturing, and surface treatment service. We provide customers with excellent fastener solutions schemes according to the requirements provided by the customers themselves. The materials we handle include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and brass.

    1. Electrical Fastener
    2. Electrical Fastener ZONFA offers various electrical fasteners which can be applied in the wide ranging fields of power distribution, communications, machine control, and other electronics. As for the fasteners used for electrical applications, we have different kinds of metal screws, nuts, and bolts, including standard screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, hex nuts, nylon nuts, etc.
    1. Contact Rivet for Relay, Switches, and Contactor
    2. Contact Rivet for Relay, Switches, and Contactor The electrical contact rivet can meet your requirements for circuit production and disconnecting fasteners for relays, switches, contactors, etc. The headed pins of the rivet can connect two work pieces with holes, meaning they can also connect the relay lines. In order to ensure the highest electrical conductivity, the better material of contact rivet is silver-copper material.
    1. Electric Meter Fastener
    2. Electric Meter Fastener An electric meter box is a kind of precision instrument which needs fasteners. We supply fastening solutions, including all kinds of screws and nuts as well as micro fasteners.
    1. Computer Fastener
    2. Computer Fastener As for the fasteners used inside computers, more attentions should be paid to the high electricity conductivity and micro size. ZONFA’s products can meet your requirements regarding these two functions. All types of M1.2 screws applied to the inner computer can be provided, including cap screws, locking screws, drive screws, eye screws, pan head screws, overhead screws, flat head screws, truss head screws and more.
    1. Fastener Solutions for Domestic Appliances
    2. Fastener Solutions for Domestic Appliances We can not only customize Fastener Solutions for Domestic Appliances, but also supply screws, nuts, bolts and various nonstandard fasteners according to your requirements.
    1. Woodworking Fastener
    2. Woodworking Fastener The picture shown here is a woodworking fastener that is suitable for the component connection of wood furniture, wood cabinets and other furniture accessories. The products are a wood screw, machine screw, decking screw, funnel head screw, dowel screw, cabinet installation screw, face frame screw, washer head screw, truss head screw, euro screw, etc.
    1. Bicycle Bolt and Screw
    2. Bicycle Bolt and Screw With excellent safety performance, our bicycle bolts and screws can meet the requirements of the manufacturers and bicycle repair shops for the maintenance of mountain bicycles and electric bicycles. Our products are as follows.

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