Conical Washer SEMS Screws

Conical washer SEMS screws are made up of one conical washer and one screw, and are widely used for low voltage electrical appliances and electrical equipment.

Customization parts
1. Manufacturing standard: ZONFA satisfies the GB, ISO, DIN, ANSA, BS and JIS standards.
2. Material: copper, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel
3. Common washer material: 50# steel, 65Mn, 60# steel, 45#steel, stainless steel
4. Head type: wafer head, pan head, cheese head, flat head, button head, hex head,
5. Recess type: cross recess, slot recess, Phillips slotted combination recess, 6 lobe recess, slotted 6 lobe recess, tamperproof 6 lobe recess, pozi recess, hex recess, torx recess
6. Diameter range: M2-M8.
7. Level: 8.8, 10.8, 12.9

Recommended product

SEMS01 SEMS Screws
Assembly: screws, conical washers
Type: hexagonal head screw
Diameter range: M2-M8
Product level: 8.8, 10.8, 12.9
Surface treatment: electroplating black Zn

We can provide customized products according to client requirements for head types, dimensions, hardness and material. Please contact us for more information.

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