Brass Micro Screw

Brass micro screws are made of a copper and zinc alloy, and can be used in conjunction with a brass nut. These screws feature a high corrosion resistance and conductivity, and can be left exposed to the elements with a strong ability to withstand cold and thermoplastic processing. The appearance of the brass fastener is bright, and the color depth can be changed with different zinc amounts. Brass micro screws are widely used in radiators, musical instruments, weapons, corrugated pipes, brass valves, circuit breakers, environmental equipment, medical equipment and more.

1. Certification: GB, ISO, DIN, ANSA, BS, JIS
2. Common materials: H90 brass, H80 brass, H68 brass, H62 brass
3. Head: wafer head, pan head, cheese head, flat head, button head, hex head
4. Recess type: cross recess, slot recess, Phillips slotted combination recess, 6 lobe recess, slotted 6 lobe recess, tamperproof 6 lobe recess, pozi recess, hex recess, torx recess
5. Diameter: M1.0-M8
6. Brass screw: Self tapping screw, thread brass screw, brass equipment screw, brass machine screw.
7. Strength level: 4.8, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9

We also provide custom products to meet your requirements for size, head, outlook, hardness, material and more.

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