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SEMS Screws

SEMS screws feature a high cost performance, and can easily be paired with various washers. To meet customer requirements, these screws are also available in customized options.

    1. Spring Washer Flat Washer SEMS ScrewsSEMS screws are a screw and washer assembly that include spring washers or flat washers. These screws are often used in electrical equipment, household appliances, office facilities, communication equipment.
    1. Terminal SEMS ScrewsTerminal SEMS screws are made of screws and terminal washers and assembled using professional equipment, which allows for an excellent fastening of the wires.
    1. Square Washer SEMS ScrewsSquare Washer SEMS Screws are made of one square washer and one screw. The square SEMS screws are a crimping terminal screw used to fasten wires, making them an ideal choice for use in low voltage electrical appliances.
    1. Conical Washer SEMS ScrewsConical washer SEMS screws are made of one conical washer and one screw, and are widely used for low voltage electrical appliances and electrical equipment.
    1. Tooth Lock Washer SEMS ScrewsThe SEMS screws can increase the using efficiency of the screws, making them suitable for usage in electronic equipment, communication equipment, electrical equipment and more, with screw level choices available in 4.8, 8.8, 10.9.
    1. Stainless Steel SEMS Screw AssemblyCompared with carbon steel screws, these screws feature a better rust resistance, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, making them suitable for use in environmental protection equipment, medical equipment.
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