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Custom Screws

    1. Electric Precision Micro ScrewElectric precision micro screws are known for their tiny size and diameter ranging from M1.2 to M3, which is why they are often used in precision applications in computers, electronics, cell phones, digital cameras, eyeglasses, and more.
    1. Micro Self Tapping ScrewMicro self-tapping screws do not need to be coupled with a nut, and are equipped with a self-tapping recess and pointed tail. This makes then suitable for use in plastic, iron, wood and other materials.
    1. Trilobular Thread ScrewsTrilobular thread screwss are a self-tapping screw with a trilobular thread tail. This micro-screw has a decreased resistance when locked-in as compared to other, traditional screws.
    1. Precision Machine ScrewThe precision machine screw is a wafer head screw without a flat head. It needs to be coupled with the corresponding threaded nuts. This screw is most often used as a fastener in electrical appliances, computers, furniture and other products.
    1. Micro Sealing ScrewMicro sealing screws feature a head with holes, and are known for their strong connection and sealing functions, making them ideal for use in electricity meters and cabinets.
    1. Nylon Coated Self Locking ScrewNylon coated self-locking screws undergo a surface treatment that gives them a loosening prevention treatment at both 360°/180 °. Nylon coated self-locking screws are widely used in devices that can vibrate and more.
    1. Thread Cutting ScrewWith the function of drilling, the thread cutting screw can complete drilling, tapping and locking directly without additional tooling.
    1. SEMS ScrewsSEMS screws are a screw and washer assembly that include spring washers or flat washers. These screws are often used in electrical equipment, household appliances, office facilities, communication equipment and other mechanical equipment.
    1. Stainless Steel Micro Screw
    2. Stainless Steel Micro Screw Stainless steel micro screws are perhaps the most commonly used screw. Compared to carbon steel screws, a stainless steel micro screw has better mechanical properties including rust resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
    1. Brass Micro Screw
    2. Brass Micro Screw Brass micro screws are made of a copper and zinc alloy, and can be used in conjunction with a brass nut. These screws feature a high corrosion resistance and conductivity, and can be left exposed to the elements with a strong ability to withstand cold and thermoplastic processing.
    1. Aluminum Screw
    2. Aluminum Screw As we all know, aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in Earth’s crust. So aluminum will be the most economical choice of screw material. Light weight, good ductility, stability and strength are the advantages of aluminum alloys.