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Electrical Contacts

      1. Bimetal Rivet Electrical ContactBimetal rivet electrical contacts are widely used fasteners in relays, thermostats, small ac contactors, leakage protectors, electrical tool switches, button switches, etc.
      1. Trimetal Rivet Electrical ContactThe trimetal rivet electrical contact is a widely used relay rivet or contact rivet, suitable for relays, indoor thermostats, single pole switches, double pole switches, leakage switches, dc quick switches, automobile contactors.
      1. Silver Rivet Electrical ContactThe silver rivet electrical contact is made from high quality silver and it features outstanding conductor performance compared to other metal rivets. These components are suitable for relays, thermostats, etc.
      1. Welding Rivet Electrical ContactRiveting electrical contacts enable the rivet connection on copper stamped parts, and the welding electrical contacts allows silver contacts to connect with brass stamped parts.

Electrical contacts are specially designed rivets used in low voltage applications. These components will be found in large capacity AC contactors, small capacity AC contactors, mini circuit breakers, leakage protection switches, DC motor relays, communications relays, signal relays, electric tool switches, buttons, and household electrical appliances.

Materials: Ag, AgNi , AgNi/Cu , AgCdO , AgCdO/Cu , AgSnO2 , AgSnO2/Cu , AgZnO , AgSnO2ln2O3 and etc.

Common Materials
● Cu
● Pure Ag:
● AgNi10-15
● AgNi20
● AgCu3
● AgCdO12
● AgCdO15
● AgSnO2(12)
● AgSnO2ln2O3

Product Composition
Stamping parts+ Rivet parts
Stamping parts materials: copper, iron
Rivet parts materials: silver, copper

We also provide custom contacts to meet your demands for other sizes, heads, hardnesses, materials, etc. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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