Aluminum Screw

Why we choose aluminum screw?
As we all know, aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in Earth’s crust. So aluminum will be the most economical choice of screw material. Light weight, good ductility, stability and strength are the advantages of aluminum alloys. So aluminum alloy screws are usually suitable for the industrial fields of aerospace, automotive or other chemical fields, whose operation conditions are usually high temperature, high voltage electricity, non-ferrous and light weight.

We can offer customized products to meet your requirement:
Types of aluminum alloys: 6061 and 2024.
Colors: red, purple, blue and black.
The operation of anode oxidation.

Types of screws include:
binding post screws, concrete screws, deck screws, drive screws, drywall screws, hex head cap screws, lag screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, set screws, sheet metal screws, tamper proof screws, thread forming screws, thread cutting screws, thumb screws.

Tightening Torque for Aluminum Screw

Type M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Torsion 0.75 N. 1.50 N. 3.00 N. 5.20 N. 12.30 N. 25.00 N. 42.40 N.
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