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Raw material
1.Electrical contact material
Ag, AgNi, AgNi/Cu, AgCdO, AgCdO/Cu, AgSnO2, AgSnO2/Cu, AgZnO, AgSnO2ln2O3 and so on.

Common model
● Cu
● Pure Ag
● AgNi10-15
● AgNi20
● AgCu3
● AgCdO12
● AgCdO15
● AgSnO2(12)
● AgSnO2ln2O3

2. Screw material
Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, stainless iron and etc.

Common model:
Carbon steel:1008 A carbon steel, 1018A carbon steel ,1022A carbon steel
Alloy steel:10B21 (8.8 level) alloy steel, SCM435 (10.9 level) alloy steel and so on.
Stainless steel: SUS 304stainless steel, SUS316stainless steel and so on.
Stainless iron: 430 stainless iron and so on
Copper: H68 copper and so on

Production capacity
ZONFA features a 10000m2 workshop, over 100 pieces of production equipment and over 60 experienced workers.

ZONFA strictly controls the quality of the products to achieve zero defects

Heading machine: The heading machine is equipment designed to automatically monitor the quality and defects of the products.

Thread rolling machine: When coupled with precision molds, it can produce micro self-tapping screws, machine screws, micro thread rolling screws and so on. The equipment can install 3 washers on the screw at the same time.

Package: Workers will test the quality before the packaging procedure. And information such as package dates and package charges will be recorded into the system which can be inquired afterwards.

We have complete testing equipment, and we can strengthen the control of product quality in many aspects.

1. Dimensional inspection:
  • The dial sorting machine can test the whole appearance and dimension without damage, maximizing accuracy.

  • Projectors can measure the dimension of the precision parts

2. Thickness detection
The thickness of the copper, silver alloy material and plating coating can be measured with an X spectrum testing method with high accuracy.

3. Hardness inspection:
we use a Rockwell hardness tester to test the hardness of the parts. We can also take the HRA, HRB, HRC tests for the materials and the parts which have been heat treated.

4. Torsion test:
We use a torsion test machine to perform the hydrogen embrittlement test and torsion test. The electric screwdriver and torsion spanner work together to make the screws into the steel plate. Then we are able to observe whether the screws or washers are damaged or broken.

  • Square washer SEMS screw
  • Trilobular thread screwss
  • Electrical contacts

Customization procedure
Engineers will access the prices and the production plans according to customer drawings or the samples. Then engineers will confirm the sizes with customers. Then they will draw the production schedule whose steps include heading, thread rolling, heat treatment, electroplating, testing and package. And then a customized screw can be produced in large batches.

We can prepare the inventory according customer requirements of the annual or monthly consumptions in case of urgent need.

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