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Categorized by Materials

    1. Stainless Steel Micro Screw
    2. Stainless Steel Micro Screw Stainless steel micro screws are perhaps the most commonly used screw. Compared to carbon steel screws, a stainless steel micro screw has better mechanical properties including rust resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
    1. Brass Micro Screw
    2. Brass Micro Screw Brass micro screws are made of a copper and zinc alloy, and can be used in conjunction with a brass nut. These screws feature a high corrosion resistance and conductivity, and can be left exposed to the elements with a strong ability to withstand cold and thermoplastic processing.
    1. Aluminum Screw
    2. Aluminum Screw As we all know, aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in Earth’s crust. So aluminum will be the most economical choice of screw material. Light weight, good ductility, stability and strength are the advantages of aluminum alloys.